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UPDATE - October 12, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are doing just great thank you.
Actually too busy to do much of
anything with this web site.

The family was riding tandems with
a bunch of friends in the mountains
of Allegany State Park in NY State
this weekend past. A great time
of riding, over-eating and hanging
out with good friends. And night
riding on a tandem is one of the
best-crazy things ever!


Hilton Falls Spooks 'N Spokes
MTB Time Trial
No Event This Year

Always one of our favourite volunteer
events to help with but the circumstances are such that the park just can't pull off an event this year. The impact of last year's ice storm is still being felt by the park staff and the park itself. They need to regroup in other words, and come back with an event next year hopefully.


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